Untitled-6Hey Reader,

This blog is a bit all over the place. It’s about reflections, experiences, reviews, opinions, and more. It’s about a woman in her early 30’s, discovering the ins and outs of a career, relationships, friendships and how everything as I might may have imagined it to be in my 20’s has changed. Most importantly, it’s about what happens when you adopt the mentality of saying YES.

A roommate would say to me on more than one occasion, “We need more YES-Beth, none of this No-Beth stuff”. At times, saying no is good, healthy even – but when posed with an invitation to suck a little more marrow from life, to add another experience to an already drawn-out day, saying yes can be a life changer and if for nothing else, put some positive energy back out into the universe.

Most recently, I’ve been sharing my reflections on my experiences, often about hiking, camping and running events, in the hopes that I can provide some insider information that wasn’t online before. I often research something endlessly trying to find information, so if I’m able to then experience it myself, I hope my insights can help the next person in their adventure. Please feel free to leave helpful hints in the comments section if I’ve missed anything!

Follow along, leave comments, and don’t forget to pay it forward.

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