Describe Yourself.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my most recent employer, Gigaom, shut down. As a result, I find myself looking for my next career adventure. As I navigate the waters of job applications, one constant request is to ‘describe yourself’. I understand the question is a way to learn more about the applicant; however, it is a question in which I continually get stumped. For being the one person in the world who knows me best, I continue to find this a difficult question to answer.

The short answer: I am continually redefining who I am.

First impressions commonly render me likable, smart, cheeky and inquisitive. I ask a lot of questions. I read a lot of books. And I see getting lost as an opportunity for adventure. While on vacation in Hawaii, my plans for a morning hike when slightly awry when we got lost en route to the trailhead. I tend to take things in stride – I looked up some good breakfast spots in our new location and we ended up having one of the better breakfasts of the entire vacation as a result. And we still made the hike. Getting lost is sometimes the best way to experience life. For the last 30 years, I’ve been continually getting lost and having amazing experiences along the way as a result.

Second impressions would show me in a more serious and contemplative light. I’m analytical. I can argue any side of a debate. I take pride in my work and I aim for perfection; though I also appreciate that making mistakes is a means for continual improvement. Since graduate school, I’ve held numerous positions and I regret none of them. While some jobs have showed me exactly what  I didn’t want to do or wasn’t so passionate about, other positions showed me what an amazing boss looks like, or just how terrible senior management can get. From non-profits to global corporations, Silicon Valley startups to freelance, each position I’ve held makes me better for the next.

In all, I’m not complicated. I’m studious and a learner for life, receiving high merits in my studies and graduated with Honors. I work hard at work and work to continually push myself in life. My passion for travel, meeting new people and experiencing this amazing world firsthand is exemplified with traveling to 20+ countries and moving to Australia for 3 years on a whim. I grew up in Vermont jumping off bridges and climbing mountains and now I find myself settled in Oregon – jumping off rocks and climbing mountains. Some things never change.

Naturally, the best way to discover ‘who I am’ is to meet me in person. I look forward to making an impression.


I drive like I’m from Boston, except when my parents are in the car. Then I drive like I’m from Washington.
I can chow down a pizza with the hungriest of dudes.
I believe donuts are cake’s cousin and should be eaten regularly.
Be relevant.
One should never take themselves too seriously dancing at weddings.
Brevity is key.
I think reading a terrible book all the way to the end gives you the right to badmouth it.
Expensive wine is overrated.
Drupal is more complicated than it needs to be.
When in doubt, choose fun bright colors because life is too short to just wear black.
The best experiences are ones that are shared.
Gardening becomes an OCD obsession when it’s time to weed.
As anti-feminist as this sounds, don’t write like a girl.
Money should be spent on experiences, because those are the purchases that last the longest.
The times I have been the most free are when everything I own fits into a backpack.


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