Running, for a year

It was New Year’s Day morning. I woke up, mildly feeling the effects of too much champagne (or wine… I can’t quite remember) from the celebrations the night before. It’s a sad but true state of affairs that when you grow out of your 20’s, alcohol has an exponentially negative effect on your physiology the morning after. I quietly praised my good self for chugging water right before bed. I was one the first ones up and slated to make a traditional Vermont breakfast, so I started making coffee and pulling pans out of their hiding spots.

As the bacon was sizzling and the coffee aroma filtered thru to the upstairs, my two girlfriends tromp down in their running gear – ready for the 1st day of the year run. I had been all motivated the night before (obviously) but now, the thought of bouncing up and down for 40 minutes made my stomach do a twist. I declined and let them run their folly out while I tended to the bacon.

When they got back, sweaty and pleased with themselves for having the wherewithal to have run 4 miles after NYE drinks, we discussed fitness goals, for 2015. It was then that we came up with a resolution to run every weekend for a year – pending it was feasible (e.g. sickness, travel, etc as potential obstacles). It was a NYE resolution bound to fail within 4 weeks, tops.

That first weekend, we tied up our shoes at an unruly time of morning and set off in the brisk air for a 5 mile run. Not being a morning person, I wasn’t too pleased to start, yet as we neared the finish and Jane and I sprinted each other down the last 2 blocks, the feeling of accomplishment and the start of a promise kept was intoxicating. A kind, eccentric man saw us stretching post-run and came up to give us some words of encouragement for success: Practice, Dedication and Follow Thru. They were to be the mantra for the weekends to come.

Eleven weeks have passed and we have managed to run them all. Not always together and not always at the same time – but thru sheer determination (or perhaps in fear of being the slacker), we have managed to stick to our goal and there are no signs of it slowing down.

In our commitment frenzy, we registered for a 1/2 marathon in May and a 15k in the fall. We have a shared google doc to monitor our progress. And we keep true to our runs with a post-run instagram tagged with #practicededicationfollowthrough. In the PNW, we’ve been blessed with oddly warmer and drier weather than normal; however, we still have the spring rains to get thru. What motivates me to get up in the morning and run? At this point, sheer will to keep the resolution going.

Monitor progress on @bizdiddy #practicededicationfollowthrough

Noteworthy Runs:
Fueled by Fine Wine – Difficult course, stunning views and post-wine tasting
White Salmon Backyard Half – Difficult course thru many ecosystems in White Salmon, great volunteers, still small
Cascade Lakes Relay – Organized team run from Diamond Lake to Bend, Moderate course


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