A wrap up: 31 days in photos

Big Decisions

For the month of January I gave myself the goal to snap one picture per day and add it to my collection. It may sound like an easy goal, but I found it was rather tedious. If I were on a trip around the world, sure – taking a photo a day would be a breeze. But when in the doldrums of everyday life, trying to find a moment that stands out above the rest is a challenge. I had to humble myself to the idea that my life in photos may not be that exciting.

It was about 5 days in when I realized that rather than trying to find the most beautiful or spontaneous moment to my day and capturing it with my trust iPhone, I would have to find the stories in the smaller moments of my day. The photos became less about being a photo and more about how that place or object interacted with my life. Because let’s face it – no one care that I snapped a shot of name badges at an early event or of an empty Timber’s field… but perhaps they would resonate more with the story behind that photo – how I interact with those things and what they mean to me.

I know my meager photography skills won’t keep people coming back for more, but I also know that in days past, I’ll look back at this month and have 31 collections of photos to remind of just how beautiful or significant the mundane can be.


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