Why #TFNW is more than just a ticket


(reposted from Insights from my Desktop – my work-related words as it pertains to my obsession with tech)

I’ve been inserted into the world of conference and events over the last two years. I’ve seen and learned a lot – no more so than just how freakin’ HARD it is to program one and pull it off. When you put your blood, sweat and tears into something, a little bit of your soul is destroyed anytime anyone asks for a free (comp’d) ticket.

Earlier this year, The Next Web posted an article that rung true to every event / conference organizer, ever: Why Conference Tickets Cost Money. The article is worth a read, but to sum it up: free tickets greatly undermines and undervalues the program and the work that went into putting it together. With more and more conferences, event organizers have to work even harder to suss the value, the right speakers, and the right partnerships to create an amazing experience for attendees. And let’s just remember that everything costs money – even down to that outlet you just plugged your phone into and the WiFi you’re using to tweet some inspirational quote S. Kveton just said.

There’s an upcoming event in Portland that I believe is crux to our startup and technology community: TechFestNW. The organizer, Rick Turoczy, who does 1001 awesome things for the Portland tech scene, produces TFNW. It’s a conference in the early years, coupled with MusicFestNW that brings in some amazing musicians and artists. Isn’t this how SXSW got started? Not that we want that madhouse in these parts – but that’s the great thing: there’s an amazing line up of speakers without the shitfest that is SXSW.

A few examples:
Alan Webber: Co-founder of FAST COMPANY
Alex Payne: Creator of Twitters API (oh, just that little thing)
Ward Cunningham: Creator of the Wiki. Enough said. Oh, and who knew Nike has a Fellow program?
The list goes on AND on AND on. Seriously, it’s an amazing list of speakers.

The special part about is that TechFestNW is homegrown. It’s not a company from out of state, what goes into it and comes out of it directly supports the greater tech community in Portland.

So if you’re thinking about going, if you were on the fence, if you see value in attending what people will one day say “Ahh, yeah, I went to TechFestNW back in the days when it was awesome” , then you need to grab your ticket. Aka now.

Tickets: http://techfestnw.com/tickets/#site-description
Tickets for Startup folk: http://techfestnw.com/startup/#site-description


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