Yes Beth Reigned Supreme

beauty sleep

Last Saturday I encountered one of those defining moments – the very moment this blog is themed after. Do I be “Yes Beth” or “No, Beth is going to bail”? It was 5:30am. An ungodly hour for just about anyone who enjoys sleep. I was supposed to meet my friend at her place (a good 20 minutes drive south) at 6:30am from where we would depart and drive the hour+ to White Salmon for a 8:30am half marathon hike kickoff. It was well scheduled indeed.

6:00am. I laid there, debating in my head back and forth between Yes Beth and No Beth. Which one was it going to be? Did I really want to hikehalf marathon?! I was clearly unsure that I did. Weather forecast was fantastic: sunny, 80’s, gorgeous. With summer solstice right around the corner, the sun was even beaming through my tightly drawn curtain shades. It was now 6:15. I was so comfy in bed…

I had to make a decision quick. No matter what I was already running late. Eventually I pulled on my running skirt, an Adidas tank, my sneakers and a sweater. Eyes half open, I texted Becca telling her I’d be late. This would be it – the deciding factor. If she wanted to go ahead without me, the decision would be made for me (sign of a super guilty bailer).

“Running late, slept thru my alarm” (kinda true)


“20 minutes realistically”


“You can go ahead without me. I can drive myself. My fault.”

“Can you get here by 6:55?”

Damn. She wasn’t going to let me bail so easily. And I know Becs, if I didn’t get my ass in gear and go, she’d be disappointed in me. And not in the confronting way – she’d be silently disappointed and she’d be in the right. I did after all convince her that we should hike it together. That’s all it took really. I grabbed some snacks and gatorades, my shades and keys and headed out the door.

Let this be a lesson to me and perhaps to anyone else who reads this silly blog of mine. Being in a “yes” state of mind is what makes defining moments. Saying yes prevented me from puttering about at home, cleaning, munching all day, watching stupid tv. Yes Beth reigned supreme that day. And it was worth it, as most yes moments typically are.


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