Feeling like failure.


Confession Time. I know some people might try this cleanse after me and I feel it’s important to be honest about my experience. The first week was hard – and not because I crave McDonalds or pizza every night. It was hard because my diet is fairly restricted as it is – so adding to the limitations felt really restricting. I hate lentils and of all the recipes for week one, I only liked a handful. So it was hard. I was eating food I didn’t like and breaking habits I had grown so accustomed to.

I had small “cheats” throughout the week. A couple of Goldfish one day, a soy chai tea another. Don’t get me wrong, I was hardcore for the first 3-4 days but various circumstances let for greater cheating opportunities. By Friday – a pre-planned date night, I was ready to make an exception. I had a veggie burger and sipped on a Porter. Afterwards I felt SOO guilty. I had failed. I couldn’t even stick the cleanse out a week. From there, I had essentially given up and whatever excuses I let myself believe just let me deeper into Cheatin Town.

If anything has come of my poor diet choices the past few days, it has given me a greater awareness for recognizing how my body reacts to different foods. I will say this – while following the cleanse (even with minor cheats), I was starting to feel more energized, I felt healthy and the smaller meals were filling me up for longer. With the bigger cheats, I felt bloated, ‘backed-up’, and slower.

The cleanse is by no means over, but I acknowledge that I need to adjust things if I am going to keep strong. The meals that I enjoyed from Week 1 will be carried over (starting tomorrow – Tuesday). And I’ve included the meals from week 2 I think I might enjoy. I’ve included my meal plan for the week below.

If any of you have started your own cleanse or have been following along – I really hope you stick with it. Weekends and every social event is going to be a challenge. I think it’s important to acknowledge and accept there will be “cheats” and that’s okay. You’ll still be cleansing your system. Keep them limited and infrequent and you’ll be golden.

** Mangos – fresh or in a smoothie
** Blueberry Mint Smoothie
** Pineapple Spinach Juice (with a bit of OJ and or Mango added)
** Green Lemonade
** Quinoa Porridge
** Banana Oat Pancakes

** Sesame Kale salad
** Baked tofu with coconut broth
** Leftovers of dinner

** Roasted Vegetables with Quinoa
** Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry
** Black bean brown rice patties
** Broccoli & chickpea salad


One thought on “Feeling like failure.

  1. Hang in there, Beth! Interesting that I didn’t feel that restricted, but actually liked how different these foods were than my norm. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to come up with my own dinner idea each night. And I certainly don’t have the social events that would tempt me to stray! Now that I’m done with the cleanse, I have added back some meat and a little dairy, but am trying to keep it small. I’ll soon see how this return to “forbidden foods” effects my system. Also just found out that the magazine Whole Living has stopped publication, although the online version may stay up. It will apparently be folded into the Martha Stewart Living magazine. So bummed- I was really liking it. I did discover, however, Sarah Britton’s blog http://mynewroots.org/site/. She provided many of the recipes for the cleanse. We’ll have lots to talk about when you come to visit! Mom

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