the routine of habit

Day 19: Ouch – Day 3 was especially hard. I was uncharacteristically tired, especially between 3-4pm. Normally I have 1 coffee in the morning and it holds me thru to the end of the day… but now – well, ha. Not so much. My intake of fluids on this cleanse include smoothies, water and green tea. No coffee, no soda, and only OJ as an ingredient in the smoothies.

When thinking about drinks on a cleanse, I realize that it all relates back to habit. Coffee is a habit for most people – the time of day, the work break with colleagues, the routine of making it (or buying it), what you add, and the process of holding a hot cup of caffeine aroma  in your hand. Coffee is probably the largest habit that all Portlanders, if not American’s, share due to the vast amount of coffee shops that litter our landscapes. So a large part of this cleanse is the breaking of habits, of snacking, of omitting the wrong foods, of ditching those sacred morning rituals. And it’s fucking hard.

I read in this NPR article that the easiest time to break habits is on vacation for the reason that you are in a new and different environment, so ditching habits is easier to do. The grind of the everyday workplace is not exactly the ideal place to be changing habits – it takes a lot more willpower. Matt Cutts gives an inspirational TEDtalk on how a 30-day challenge can help spur new behavior and habits, at the least, he makes a good point that each month will stick out for their own memorable reasons.

There is absolutely no way I will stick to this diet after this cleanse is over; however, and perhaps the most important part – certain habits may be more successfully broken, such as the desire to grab a coffee first thing in the morning, adding real cream versus creamer, and using unprocessed sugar instead of Splenda. I’ve definitely learned some new healthy cleanse-friendly recipes that I hope to keep incorporated into my diet and I’m more fully conscious as to how certain foods can make me feel.

I’ve tried most of the recipes and now I have a fridge full of leftovers – so I think I have the rest of the week all set.

Day 3 Recipes:
* Breakfast: Mango Tahini Smoothie ★★ ★★☆
* Lunch (leftovers): Cauliflower “Rice” Stir Fry ★★★★☆
* Dinner: Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Stew ★★★☆☆


One thought on “the routine of habit

  1. I hate to admit this… I miss Starbucks. I’m not a regular, by any means, and my cash diet budget requires infrequent trips but there is something so delectable about a frothy cup o joe, made just to your liking. I miss the morning ritual, watching the cream mix into the coffee and swirl around in the cup. Heck-I even miss the mud they make at work and claim as coffee.

    Speaking of work… Had a working lunch yesterday where they provided lunch. It wasn’t anything fancy-green salad and make your own sandwhiches… With cheese! And cookies for dessert. I was snuggle up with my Tupperware from home with a delicious beet salad. I conquered it and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Not even the cheese or the cookie. I’ll be traveling for work next week. It’s definitely going to be challenging but I’m going to stick with it! Somehow 🙂

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