My colon is now called Slimey.

Day #20: Naturally if you’ve been following all three days of this adventure – you know a cleanse is not easy. But why? Why is it so hard to avoid the wrong foods and embrace the right ones? I heard somewhere that diets are programmed to fail. They don’t last and typically, tend to have only short-term results. Mind you, this isn’t a diet in the sense of weight loss. This is a diet of food choices.

I feel hungry all day and the nuts, apples and health food isn’t filling me up like all the experts say it would. I’m not getting that satisfied feeling of fullness. Perhaps this is just the body going thru rehab cause I am craving any and everything that I’m not supposed to have. Goldfish, cheese, crackers, soy milk, tofu… it’s not that I’m starving – I am not. It’s that I want something I am telling myself I can’t have – and for whatever reason something in my brain is making me crave it more than I ever would otherwise. Damn you perfectly-devised chemically manufactured food!

I can already see impending challenges this weekend – dinner’s at friend’s places, dinner and a movie out… I’m going to have to stock pile some handy nuts and berries to tide myself over. It’s going to be a challenge. There are 3 factors that are my pillars for sticking with it – my friend Addy who took the plunge with me, whoever is reading this blog (it truly does help), and my colon who’ve I’ve nicknamed Slimy (after Oscar the Grouch’s worm…I thought it apt).

I can’t help it – I got a bit lost in research today – on colons. After which I have a strong urge to cleanse my colon. Have you ever thought about it? I mean, seriously – I know I’m only 30 and I’m not recommended to get a colonoscopy until 45 or something – but colon cancer is the #1 leading cancer among men and women and about 70% of Americans have bowel discomfort. We apply sunscreen to protect ourselves against melanoma, we take a break from alcohol to give our livers a break, but what about the colon? I’m thinking Slimey might need some TLC.

There are more natural behavioral methods you can try to keep a healthy colon and certain foods that help along the digestive process. For instance, mango has laxative properties and lucky for me, they’re back in the stores (and also a big part of the current cleanse I’m on). I’ve looked at a few companies that hand-deliver freshly pressed juices for a 3-day cleanse, but range from $160-$200+. I think I’ll modify my own 1-day juice cleanse and incorporate it into my ongoing cleanse. I did a lot of searching for relatively-easy, natural, home colon cleanse recipes and this website gave me what I was looking for.

Colon Cleanse Foods
* Flax Seed – add to smoothies or on top of cereal
* Mango, papaya, organic apples, grapes, pineapples, kiwis
* Beets, zucchini, carrots, squash
* WATER WATER WATER – a necessity for any healthy colon

Day 2 Recipes:
* Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Smoothie ★★☆☆☆
* Lunch: Creamy Broccoli Soup ★★★☆☆
* Dinner: Cauliflower “Rice” Stir Fry ★★★★☆
* Dessert: Pan-fried Coconut Bananas* ★★★★☆
*My own recipe – pan fry bananas in coconut oil, add unsweetened coconut till brown. Serve warm!
* Snacks: Coconut Trail Mix ★★★☆☆

Blueberry SmothieIt was okay – a bit chunky w/ the blueberries
How I felt all dayHow I felt all day long. 
All veg stir-fryThe stir fry was surprisingly delicious
Improv DessertImprov dessert 😉


One thought on “My colon is now called Slimey.

  1. So glad you have started the process! It was easier for me the first week because I was on vacation and could take more time to do all the prep. Now have just 3 days left and have pretty much stuck to the program. The red lentil and sweet potato stew is really good- don’t add as much broth as they call for if you want stew and not soup. I also like the roasted beets and I am not a beet fan! Read the comments at the end of the recipes for good tips on the meals. I am also getting to like soy milk and may just drop regular milk all together. Love the blog and your pictures are great. Hang in there, sweetie!

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