Cleansing is hard s*@t

As it came dinner time the sent of freshly baked cheese pizza filled the house. It was intoxicating. I sat curled up on the couch, taking a much-needed break from cooking, when Jacob pulled the pizza out of the oven. I knew what was going on…earlier that day I had started to watch XYZ and learned all about excitotoxins get us pumped for brain-cell killing food. Okay, that’s a bit over the top but boy did it feel like torture!

Day 1 of any cleanse is grueling, doubly so when started on a Sunday – the day brunch was created for and a glass of full-bodied red was meant to compliment a hearty Sunday dinner with family. Food on Sunday is usually one of pleasure – when I have the time to make something from scratch and more importantly, the time to sit down and enjoy it. Two main key factors are working against me right now. The first is that because of my change in diet coupled with Daylight Savings – I am *exhausted*. I know it takes a few days for the body to right itself… but this Monday morning is particularly groggy.

These are a few key insights I realized one day 1:

* For the first time, the only salt / sodium in my meals is what I add. With no labels – all of the food is fresh – there is no hidden sodium.
* The food doesn’t taste great at this point, but I probably am not noticing since yesterday I was starving
* I didn’t factor in any of the snacks – a huge part of my first cleanse that recommended I eat ~100 calories every 2 hours. I went to the store and spent an additional $20 on nuts, nut butter and dried (no sugar added) fruit – which was amazing hard to find BTW
* Smoothies are a great way to fill you up in the morning, but since it’s not summer, I prefer to add a bit more water to make it into a juice.
* Lentils are weird.
* Hot coconut oil and chili pepper flakes are not a good combo, unless your intent is to add a peppery haze to the entire house.
* Snacks are crucial


Breakfast: Mango Tahini Smoothie ★★ ★★☆
Lunch: French Lentil Salad ★★☆☆☆
Dinner: Roasted Portobellos with Kale ★★★★☆

Ingredients for Smoothie
Mango tahini smoothie
Ingredients for Salad
Lunch, French lentil salad

Portobello w/ kale


2 thoughts on “Cleansing is hard s*@t

  1. As your partner in crime, I thought I’d leave a few thoughts…

    I love your pics of the food. I’ve been taking photos as well but they surely aren’t quite as artistic 🙂

    Cleansing is crazy expensive!!! I usually budget $80 for groceries every two weeks and blew threw that, and then some on Sunday when we went shopping together.

    I’m lucky I live alone and done have to smell anyone else’s dinner cooking. I’d surely cave. I think the only thing keeping me on tracking is knowing that my girl is right there with me.

    I haven’t been working out (due to other complications) but I plan to get back to that on Thursday. Hope it goes well but I don’t plan to overdo it.

    Try the sweet potato and lentil stew… Delicious. Lentils are amazing. Learn to love them.

    Day three…. Halfway done

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