Pre-Cleanse, the WTF moment.

Tomorrow kicks off Day 1 of a 21 day diet cleanse. And boy do I need it. My lunches recently have been crackers and cheese. Enough said.

This cleanse was recommended by my mother – who has her final week starting on Sunday. She says she feels great, but I know that I have a tough first week ahead of me before I start feeling the same way. This is my 2nd life-cleanse – the first was 28 days and extremely hard to resist the everyday temptations. You hear so much about food these days – what’s good, what’s bad, diabetes, cancer, health care costs – you know you should be eating healthier, buying organic and local… but sometimes the way life is set up, it’s just way to convenient to stick to the status quo (unfortunately).

A cleanse is a great thing – you feel your body reacting to the foods, the regiment and after the first week, you start to feel renewed. I wish I could eat like a cleanse all the time, but let’s face it – life is short and the not-so-healthy food can be oh so good. I’ve a vegetarian overall, so my diet is probably stellar compared to that of 95% of the US populations, but still, I don’t believe in restricting the basic of life’s pleasures such as a nice baked brie or pad thai. Nonetheless, this cleanse is a good reset.

So the basics apply –

*No alcohol (hey liver, i love you)
*No coffee
*No dairy
*No meats (not an issue for this long standing vegetarian)
*No processed food or carbs

• Lentils
• Fruits and vegetables
• Nuts and seeds
• Oils and seasonings

This is a different cleanse from my first – all recipes are provided online. So if tempted, feel free to try some recipes and let me know what you think. Week One Recipes basically include smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch and soups for dinner. There is a great snacks section as well to pacify those belly rumbles.

My good friend Addy will be joining me on this 3-week adventure. Cleanses are always easier when toughing it out with a friend – so I’m excited to share this experience with her (she looks a bit more excited than I feel…)

Partner in Crime

We purchased the majority of our groceries from Kruger’s Farm stand – a fantastic selection of fruits and veggies at a decent price. Love supporting local businesses. The remaining produce / lentils and oj we sourced from Fred Meyers. I think it’s interesting to note that the only two brands you can see are Florida’s Natural Orange Juice and Dole pineapple. Cleanse = significant reduction in brands. Overall spend around $50 on the first week. I realized I didn’t purchase anything in the way of snacks, so I might have to add to the inventory tomorrow.

Kruger LotFred Meyer lot

At the moment, on the eve of my cleanse, I have a dehydration headache, feel a little pudgy around the edges and *might* have had a bit too much to drink last night. My ‘last meal’ was veggie sushi with friends, sort of a pre-pre cleanse meal. This experience is a welcome change to my thus far uninspired cooking and winter eating rut.

Along with this cleanse, I am also training for a 1/2 marathon and a relay… so a running routine will be incorporated and just because I want to feel “zen”, I plan to drop into a new yoga studio at least 1x per week to work on some inner strength.

Encouraging comments welcome!


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