Moving house has made me think twice about “stuff”


I recently made a move into a new house with my boy. It’s a big move in the relationship but that’s not what I’m here to write about. For the last 8 months, the majority of my “stuff” was packed up in boxes and stored away in a basement corner. My temporary living situation that spanned a bit longer than expected, came with a fully stocked house and hence, no need to unpack my kitchen and other acquired items. Fast forward to the last couple of weeks when it was time to move all this stuff into my new residence…nearly 5+ loaded car trips and 1 truck trip later, my shit is now unpacked and stored away in it’s appropriate places… but the whole issue has got me thinking – how much of this shit do I really need? What do we really need to exist on, to make us happy? To feel fulfilled?

Clothes I hardly wear but can’t yet part with, shoes that I’m saving for that “one” occasion, plates, brushes, shampoos, lotions, blankets, toys, candle holders etc. It’s a ton of stuff…err shit that I don’t think I really need. You know why I like going to spas? Because of their simplicity, the zen feeling of unclutter, unmessy, un-everything. Right now my new house is exactly what I didn’t want it to be – full of shit that will sit in cupboards, drawers and closets until the next move prompts me to finally get rid of it.

I’m starting a cleanse on Sunday (a different story), but as I parse down my diet, I aim to parse down my belongings. A cleansing of my cutter if you will. I’ll report back soon with items that I’m ridding of and why. Here starts an investigation into the connection behind shit I never use.


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