How to Botch Customer Service

Etix = uncool

Dear Etix,

You are a customer service team. Act like it. Hanging up on a customer (twice – once by your supervisor no less), no matter if the customer is pissed, trying to resolve an issue or otherwise – is RUDE and unbelievably unprofessional. Considering your policies, you are likely to deal with some very unpleasant people in your future, best learn how to deal with them now. 
A few notes during my experience with you:
1. It is not outside of the realm of possibility that a customer expects compensation for something when the company performs an error. In my case, the error was completely on your end with your internal communication and lack thereof communication to the customer. If you do feel the urge to retrace your steps in my case, please do, the id number is #46345033. Apparently there are email and phone records. I do apologize for the one instance where I used explicit language – but again, you should learn how to deal with it and not provoke customers by immediately telling them they are wrong (customer service 101)
2. I get that you only make a few bucks off of each commission, but you process over $50 million ticket sales. The fact that you refuse to issue a refund as you promised to settle a matter that you messed up is incredibly astounding. As the credit card transaction agency, this is within your capabilities, despite having already paid the venue. You officially rank below United Airlines in terms of correcting a problem – something that in my books is very hard to do.
3. Your Head of the Board said that you currently use 2-3 CRM tools. Perhaps you should stick with one since you seem to have serious issues with internal communication. It is wise to not say one thing, do another, not be explicitly clear, and then go back on your word.
4. You’re supervisor should be demoted until she has some need for customer service training. I have included some articles for your reading pleasure. Please, do share with your staff.
8 Rules for Good Customer Service (a very good read – especially #2,3,4…)
Thanks for the tremendously rude customer service. I look forward to following and remarking on your Facebook posts and twitter feeds. Obviously, my recommendation for your services is less than stellar. 
A Very Dissatisfied Customer 


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