I don’t know why I enjoy dressing up, but I do. It’s just plain fun. Perhaps I don’t have enough creative outlets so every halloween I go a bit overboard on my costume – but whatever. It’s fun. That said, I do try to veer away from the typcial slutoween costumes… you know the ones – they lack ingenuity, creativity, have their tits hanging out, shorter-than-should-be-skirts and widely overdone make-up (and not in a halloween way). They come out in droves dressed as slutty nurses, cops, and sluts. Last year I wore a full body gorilla costume. Besides it being warmer than the tropics, it was great fun. Who doesn’t like to see a gorilla dance alone on the dance floor? Right?!

This year I had all the components for an angel. Angel typically = slutoween. Then I ditched that idea for a fallen angel: a sad, debunked creature from the heavens. Because I’m a creature of warmth, this costumer will be head to toe covered in fabric. Here’s a sneak peak:

And because I think this video is amazeballs, I’m sharing it here. I have identified with this song long before these two gals ever recorded it, back when I was entering into adulthood halloween festivities. Keep your tits in people.


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