Excuse me, I think you gave me the short and fast summer…

This weekend we dive into September. The month where we celebrate the last long holiday weekend of the summer, when kids head back to the classroom, the days become sneakily shorter, the temperatures dip just a few degrees lower and before you know it, you’re pulling out those stylish boots and autumn-color scarves. Well, I do believe someone mistakenly ordered my summer short.

So a little while ago, I made a list of 30 things to do in this year of 30. Being that it’s nearly September, I’m realizing I’m a bit behind. Opps. Funny how life gets in the way – and not the life of ’30 easy things to experience’ – life: the metronome of daily routines, staying up too late doing meaningless shit on the computer, the grind of work, the laziness of hot afternoons, the stuff that becomes “filler”. So even though I haven’t exactly been ‘living’ the life on  my list – I have managed to tick a few off, just in a very different way from what I expected.

#1 and #2 were to get a new passport and travel to at least one other country, respectively. The reason #1 was on my list is because a new passport with it’s blank fresh pages are a bit of hope of travels to come. To hand your passport over for that much coveted stamp, it suddenly becomes a mini-storybook. I had visions of renewing my passport with excitement, of buying tickets to a faraway destination, making plans on where to visit – all while instagraming and documenting the whole thing.

I should have known better considering how many times I had to deal with Australian Immigration that matters of crossing international borders is never an enjoyable experience. My passport expired on June of 2012. How super convenient considering come August, I had landed a new job that requested my presence in Vancouver (B.C.). The trip was a mere 2 weeks away. Standard renewal takes 4 weeks (by mail), 5 days in-person with a trip up to Seattle, or 4 days for an extra $149 with a third-party expediting process. Mail was out. I was willing to drive up to Seattle, but the next available appointment was just 3 days out from the day of travel – 2 short of the mandatory 5-day requirement. So with a kick to the wallet, I put my trust in a 3rd party to get my passport just a few days shy of needing it. Luckily they came through – but it was a rather lackluster experience.

As for #2 – I had never been to Vancouver and it was across national borders, so I’m counting it. I believe Vancouver is secretly a Swedish city sponsored by Ikea. Go, you’ll see why. It’s gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Tall glass buildings line the cityscape and reflect a rainbow of beautiful colors. The city is clean, no one jaywalks, skinny bartenders who wear black uniforms with long beach-blond hair, and the weather is a permanent state of “brrr”.

I like Vancouver a lot and am eyeing a 2013 marathon that wraps around the city. Only  a six hour drive from PDX or a 1 hour flight, it’s also a lot closer than I thought. Since I was working, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to explore the city, but through a little research, I did create a new list for what to hit up next time I’m in town (thanks to friends & twitter):

– Central City Brew
– It’s Good to Be Here on Granville Island
– Vancouver Island, Grizzy Bear Tours
– The Aquarium
– Stanely Park
– Chinese food
– Granville Island
– Gastown
– Cowchian
– Howe Island
– Squamish

My 30 things in 30 List:

  1. Renew my passport and 
  2. Travel outside of the US at least once.
  3. Make a new friend by doing something different
  4. Spend one whole afternoon at the park with Dogan
  5. Do something that thrills me
  6. Explore a part of Eastern Oregon
  7. Be with my family for one special event
  8. Paddle board somewhere warm
  9. Run in one race
  10. Take a camping trip this summer
  11. Go kayaking
  12. Climb a significant mountain
  13. Try surfing
  14. Make one Sunday all about Dogan
  15. Make love underneath the stars
  16. Explore those parts of Portland I haven’t yet explored
  17. Spend a morning at the Art Museum
  18. Eat an ice cream cone on a hot day
  19. Watch a live baseball game
  20. Draw a painting
  21. Try a new drink every month (might have a few to make up for here!)
  22. Try snowboarding
  23. Learn to play one song on a Ukulele
  24. Volunteer at something
  25. Go on a ride
  26. Go wine tasting
  27. Explore the Oregon Coast
  28. Ride the train

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