30 in 30


So a good friend of mine recently did a 30-day countdown to his 30th birthday. He blogged about things that made that particular day memorable, a pastries, a friend, etc. I crossed the 30-finish line two weeks before him and I will say, it is amazing how much anticipation comes from the build up to turning 30, only to have it be business as normal the next day.

The funny thing about time and growing older is that your perception of time quickens – the longer you live, the faster time seems to go. Years now skip right along and before I know it, the stocked shelfs full of winter holiday cheer are apt reminders at how quickly time can pass. In today’s world, particularly in the U.S. people work hard – they put in long hours well after the office lights are shut off and too often we miss the little things. Working in social media, I have to admit it is nice that at any given moment, we are pulling out our cell phones to capture someone or something… insta-reminders that our lives for a brief moment were filtered uniquely. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think more people need to take random stupid photos just to remember that particular day. Who cares if no one likes it on Facebook? The photos are for you alone to remember and enjoy.

This brings me to this entry in the chaos that is my online-mental-diatribe. 30 in 30 is a list of 30 things I would like to do in my 30th year. I thought long and hard about this list and what I wanted it to be. I didn’t want it to consist of resolutions. I didn’t want it to be unreachable or unrealistic. I also didn’t want it to cost a ton of money. I wanted this list of 30 things to be tangible, enjoyable moments that would make me happy. As they say, life is a series of moments… these are 30 moments in the next year I would like to enjoy.

  1. Renew my passport and
  2. Travel outside of the US at least once.
  3. Make a new friend by doing something different
  4. Spend one whole afternoon at the park with Dogan
  5. Do something that thrills me
  6. Explore a part of Eastern Oregon
  7. Be with my family for one special event
  8. Paddle board somewhere warm
  9. Run in one race
  10. Take a camping trip this summer
  11. Go kayaking
  12. Climb a significant mountain
  13. Try surfing
  14. Make one Sunday all about Dogan
  15. Make love underneath the stars
  16. Explore those parts of Portland I haven’t yet explored
  17. Spend a morning at the Art Museum
  18. Eat an ice cream cone on a hot day
  19. Watch a live baseball game
  20. Draw a painting
  21. Try a new drink every month
  22. Try snowboarding
  23. Learn to play one song on a Ukulele
  24. Volunteer at something
  25. Go on a ride
  26. Go wine tasting
  27. Explore the Oregon Coast
  28. Ride the train

It’s amazing that I am struggling to come up with 30 moments I want to have this year… recommendations welcome but for now will remain open-ended…


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