Sans Turkey & Burrito Heaven

Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day as I like to call it, is a gluttonous holiday followed by post-eating-guilt-induced shopping and mandatory napping in front of all-day football marathons. It essentially takes the three things I dislike most: poultry, football and shopping, and combines them all in amazing proportions into one weekend. And yet, because I have tradition entwined in my DNA spiral, I succumb to watching the 24-hour marathon of football (mainly because my eyes have to look at something), eating all the side dishes served up with the turkey that I justify 2x the portion because I’m not eating the turkey, and perusing online websites to see what I’d like to purchase if I had a couple of buckets full of money lying about.

It’s not all that bad… and because the food-induced coma occurred around 7pm, it was Friday before I knew it and yet another turkey day was behind me. I spent the next few days laying off the heavy foods and exercising so I could indulge in the true highlight of the weekend: The Big Egg breakfast burrito. It is by far the best brekkie burrito on this planet and since they close down for the winter, I insisted that it was my last chance to get one… so by god, it was my Sunday mission to get me some burrito goodness.

The cart phenomenon has swept the city streets of Portland for the last five years. While some people couldn’t fathom waiting more than 10 minutes for food from a cart, there are a few jems in which people will wait upwards of 40 minutes. Breakfast places, though many, are VERY popular in Portland. Places like The Sliding Door, Gravy, Pine State Biscuits and essentially every other brunch place can easily have a 30-40 minute wait for a table. Breakfast carts are fewer and far in between. A few carts serve up waffles (with everything imaginable in them) but only one that I know of serves up eggs in homestyle sandwiches and burritos – The Big Egg. Typically eating a full burrito can result in one of two options: food coma for 3-4 hours post-burrito OR if had with a strong coffee, amazing productivity until dinner. Typically a hangover + burrito results in couch-lounging for at least a 6-hour period (plus napping if football is on). A burrito on an empty alcohol-free liver (which is rare on a Sunday morning) = Beth gets shit done day. Either way, you typically don’t need to eat until 6pm that night… well worth it if you ask me.

This is a fun little video on their “Arbor Lodge” sandwich (which is good, but not as great as their burritos!),

So I guess what this post is getting at is that I really love the Big Egg burrito… more than turkey dinner.



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