Bad shit crazy

So today didn’t go so well. I suppose it’s all about how you look at it. It’s Monday to start – which is never a popular day. The weather was rainy and cold. My legs were aching from last night’s workout – making 6:30 am hot yoga lunges a bit of an effort. Yes, you read that right. I did hot sweaty yoga at 6:30am. That’s when it started, mind you. I was out of bed at 5:45. Regardless, it wasn’t bad that yoga session. It was more the fact that it made me late for everything else. Home, shower, walk Dogan, eat something, run out the door to catch the bus. My roommate Ryan gave me his bus pass when he is away – so the bus fare of an otherwise $2.15 is now free. On cold windy rainy days – it seems like a good deal. Except the buses in Portland take an exorbitant amount of time. Having left the house a bit after 8, I got into work a bit after 9. For a route that would normally take me 20 minutes by bike (tops), I get rather impatient. Not only that, but the bus with it’s warm flowing petri-dish air and gentle rumbling must take my subconscious back to my baby days of being in a stroller or something because all I ever want to do on a bus is sleep. Not exactly the refreshing start to the day I had hoped for.

Into work (a tad late but luckily no one ever seems to notice), and my day consists of sales data formatting. If you ever wonder why I dislike my job, does that not tell you something? It’s about as exciting as giving someone a Brazilian. It’s just not that much fun. Regardless, they pay me, so I do the work. My travel mug which I normally bring with me loaded with hot tea tasted like soap – clearly not rinsed properly or it my tea just was not meshing with my minty toothpaste. So no tea and instead I drudge downstairs for Starbucks. I don’t like Starbucks. I’ll say that much upfront. But it is inside the warm walls of the building and today it won over the independent coffee shop I normally walk 3 blocks to.

Good news is that Jacob got a job offer today. Yet his enthusiasm for his job search finally being over is lackluster and leaves me feeling like we’re celebrating the passing of a disliked cat. Can’t please everyone but whatever. I’m excited to get home to my dog and to a happy hour with Jacob. Then there is the bus. Sure, by bike I might get home wet, sweaty, gross and panting but at least it only took me 20 minutes with no traffic. I left work at 4:30pm and arrived home at 5:38pm. It was so fucking slow I thought I could have run faster. I live 4 miles from work – exactly. It took me an HOUR to go FOUR miles.

Happy hour finally arrives and luckily the Cruzroom did not disappoint (minus the rather slow bartender). The $2 tacos were gourmet and delicious and the $2 beers that swallowed it all down set me on a delightful path of not caring about the shit storm of a day. On the way back, we dropped of some movies and headed home to enjoy The Walking Dead (again, talk about lackluster). Only by 9:30pm did I meander upstairs to get settled in for the night when I realized I couldn’t find my phone.

If you read my last post, you might realize that this is not uncommon. The trifecta of essentials – the phone, wallet and keys are my worst enemy. At any given point, one of them likes to piss off and annoy the shit out of me. Tonight it was my phone. Upon calling it I hear my nasally voice mail. Well shit. My phone had battery charge and was on… so this isn’t good. After searching the house and Jacob’s car, we drive to where I think it’s most likely left: at the corner of Alberta and 26th where I jumped out of the car to return the movies. I have a knack to leave stuff in my lap and forget about them when I stand up. No, I didn’t hear a splash when I got up out of the car. I should have because my iphone landed in the deepest puddle on the corner. In polka-dot PJ pants, no bra, a hat and a headlamp, I picked up the dripping iphone and got back into the car. It was dead, gone. A mere ghost of its former self. This shit happens to me so often that I’ve learned to not let it really get to me. Sure, it pisses me off that it bathed in a puddle for more than hour in the pouring rain… but I can’t do much about it right now (besides give it a rice bath). What pisses me off more was the fact that when searching for my phone in the car, I discovered my supposedly “lost” eye glasses in the passenger side door – to which the car owner assured me many times over that he cleaned the car and had not seen them anywhere, and to which I spent $400 replacing them. But that’s how it is with me – I loose and break shit and then it always reappears in my life in some manner. Now I have 2 sets of eye glasses (lucky me?), a pruned iphone and a damaged ego.

As we entered the house, I saw myself in the mirror – polka dot pants, an oversized t-shirt, rain boots, rain jacket, a hat and of course, the headlamp. “You can’t seriously love this” I say to Jacob, “I mean, come on, look at me!” He gave me a once over and laughed to himself, “this is whyI love you, because sometimes you can be bad shit crazy”.

And that was my Monday.


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