my love / hate with running

I went for a great run the other day. My throat had cleared up, my body felt fresh, the weather was sunny and warm, the leaves were beautiful colors giving me a spectrum of color to run through… and the best part: my mind emptied.

Running is a friend of many faces. It’s the friend that when meet up, it’s like nothing ever changed – easy to talk to, easy to be with… and when it’s over, you wish you had more time with them. Running can also be that friend that when around constantly, you get bored of and need a new face, a change of pace. It can be one of those annoying friends that taunts your insecurities and makes you feel badly for not going to meet up with them. Running can be that friend who is really awkward to hang around with at first but becomes more familiar and comfortable in time. Or it can be that friend who just always remains awkward and at the end of it, you wish you never had agreed to meet up in the first place. Yes, running is a friend of many faces.

Lately, when I have asked friends if they want to meet up – they seems to all want to go running. No happy hour beers, no coffee or tea… nope – they want to run. Maybe it’s the pre-thanksgiving jiggles or maybe they think that’s a great way to “catch up” – but clearly they don’t know me and running. I hate running with people. I hate running in the ran or when it’s cold. I usually listen to music. I’m not very social when I’m running. Nope. Not at all. But none of that matters to Yes Beth. Yes Beth says yes – even when it entails running with other people. So far I’ve bailed out of a few agreed-to runs but can you really blame me? A few running dates coming up… we’ll see which ‘friend’ pairs with the familiar face of running.

And on one last note – the only real thing that gets me motivated to run are photos like this one of my friend Gina… super fit chicks looking super cool running in beautiful scenery. Not that that will ever be me – but it is what motivates and inspires me to get my sneakers on and out the door.

Inspiration from Gina, Taken by Jeff Yu

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