adult science

So this whole state of mind as “yes Beth” – if followed truly, means that I say yes to whatever comes about. Only a few people know that I am in “yes Beth” phase. Lucky for me, no one has yet to take advantage of this… but I have found myself agreeing to a lot of stuff and my calendar is starting to fill up.

So far, the festivities have included going to OMSI after Dark (think science museum with beer) for a hard liquor tasting. They gave us 12 tokens (each token was 1/2 a shot)… so that would have been 6 shots in the span of an hour. While 6 full shots didn’t happen, my friend Brooke and I were sufficiently full of drink before frantically playing with all the other exhibits -balls, spinners, water, chem lab… you know, the usual stuff for a Wednesday evening. What I love the most – full grown adults (okay – mostly generation X by the time 10pm rolls around) actively playing (sure, learning) with science stuff and being genuinely awed by it. LOVE IT.

Other things included a little house viewing of a friend who moved into the neighborhood, and a soup / birthday celebration on Halloween night (despite being out in the boondocks on a Monday evening). I don’t want to ruin what’s in the gauntlet for the upcoming week… even I don’t know where it’s going to take me… but that’s kind of the point, right?


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