silver white winters that melt into springs

Things I love:

Discovering creative people, loosing reality in the narrative of a book, getting mail from anyone other than credit card companies, quenching a deep thirst with a tall glass of water, accents, soft touches, autumn leaves rustling on the ground, morning sunshine, the warmth of a mug of tea, the refreshing feeling after brushing my teeth, getting a really good parking spot, getting away with parking in a not-so-legal parking spot, rubbing my eyes with a towel after a hot shower, seeing plants grow in my garden from spring to spring, knowing my brother confides in me, knowing there’s always something to explore, the sound ski boots make in the snow, the quiet of a forest in wintertime, warm breezes, a really good pizza, seeing friends smile as a result of something I said or did, seeing my favorite people pop up green on gchat, when new words stick in my memory then using them in social situations and having people look at me like “is that really a word” and then proving to them it is, hearing a different language, my dog greeting me when I get home from work, napping with my dog in the middle of the day, inspiring people.


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